A man who works with his hands is a laborer; a man who works with hands and his brain is a craftsman; but a man who works with his hands, his brain and his heart is an artist. (unknown)

The Barking Biscuit

The Barking Biscuit Company, located in Kemptville, Ontario, bakes dog biscuits that have all been made by hand using human quality ingredients. The dog treats are good enough for humans to eat (and many people do!) but are preferred by our dog friends. Cat nip is grown and packaged as a treat for kitty pets.

The Barking Biscuit The Barking Biscuit

Colin Hamer

Beautiful, useful items made of burnished pewter are each handmade in Ottawa by retired metallurgist Colin Hamer. Pewter is non-tarnishing, lead-free, easy to care for, steeped in tradition, pleasing to the eye and touch.

Colin Hamer pewter Colin Hamer pewter

Madoc Rocks

“SERVE IT ON THE ROCKS!” Madoc Rocks, a family-run business, creates products made with marble from the Madoc area, in Eastern Ontario on the edge of the Canadian Shield.

Each set of coasters is unique and beautifully handcrafted, complementing the work of Mother Nature.

Madoc Rocks Madoc Rocks

Mrs. McGarrigle's Food

Mrs.McGarrigle’s, of Merrickville, Ontario, produces “stylish gourmet food”! Winners of numerous food awards and much sought after by savvy cooks, these well-made mustards abound in goodness, flavours and variety.

Mrs. McGarrigal's Food Mrs. McGarrigal's Food

Melluish Designs

Pat and John Melluish live and work in the village of Pakenham, in Eastern Ontario where they have been creating well-made, stylish jewelry for over 40 years. Their earings and necklaces are handmade in their home workshop, using sterling silver and gold-filled wire, and are much sought-after because they are so safe for sensitive skin.

Melluish Designs Melluish Designs

Muskoka Candles

Hand-poured in the village of Rosseau, Ontario, in the heart of cottage country, Muskoka Candles are made of 100% soy wax, with no chemical additives. The candles in their simple glass containers have names such as “Northwoods”, “Muskoka Winter” and “Moonlight Path”, a reflection of the purity and quality of their creation.

Muskoka Candles Muskoka Candles

Opeongo Soaps

Opeongo Soaps have been produced for 16 years on a mountain meadow farm in the upper Ottawa Valley . All products are friendly to your skin as well as the environment. Inspired by nature, they delight the nose and clean, stimulate and pamper your body .

Opeongo Soaps Opeongo Soaps

Perth Pepper and Pestle

Perth Pepper and Pestle, in Perth, Ontario, creates red pepper jellies, specialty spices and flavourful seasalt blends that are delicious and easy to use. You can experience gourmet every day in your home!

Perth Pepper and Pestle Perth Pepper and Pestle

Photos of Local Scenes

The museum under construction decades ago, logging operations on the Ottawa river, the old railway station, aerial views of Arnprior, snippets of life in and around this valley town are just some of the photos we sell as small laminations ready to be hung.

Photos of local scenes Photos of local scenes

Silk Scarves

Violetta Velkovic, born in beautiful Croatia but long resident in Almonte, Ontario, turns silk scarves into vibrant, exotic works of art, that give great pleasure to those who wear them.

Silk Scarves Silk Scarves

Tweedle Bee Candles

Tweedle Bee Candles are handcrafted near Tweed, Ontario using pure local beeswax and tender, loving care. Beeswax candles burn cleaner, brighter and longer than other candles, freshening rooms and calming the senses with their sweet honey essence.

Tweedle Bee Candles Tweedle Bee Candles

Watson Pewter

Watson Pewter was founded by Gordon Watson in 1972. Now his daughter Ruth and son-in-law Grant Robinson hand-craft these pewter items in their workshop near Tweed, Ontario. Their pewter is lead-free, care-free, unique and charming.