I was on my way to conquer the world when I got distracted by something shiny.

Ayala Bar

The Ayala Bar Jewelry Collection is designed and made in Isreal. It is a beautiful blend of natural elements, glass beads, mineral stones, textiles and Swarovski crystals on assorted metals, resulting in intricate, timeless pieces. This is fabulous jewelry and very addictive!!!

Ayala Bar Ayala Bar

Omnisax (previously Envirosax)

Green, progressive and trend setting! Proudly starting the global movement of designer reusable bags, Omnisax swing in the hands of fashionistas, practical eco-shoppers and urban commuters. Great prints and bright colors make Omnisax accessible for people to contribute to saving the environment, while maintaining their individual style, all at a great price!

Envirosax Envirosax

Foxy Originals

Foxy jewelry is designed and actually made in Toronto, Canada. Its creators, Jennifer Ger and Suzie Chemel, believe that jewelry and life should be fun, bright and full of excitement. Their jewelry is trend-setting, high-style and affordable.

Foxy Originals Foxy Originals

Hats and Bags

Our selection of bags, hats and scarves changes with the seasons, but is always fresh, surprising and exciting!

Hats and Bags Hats and Bags

Market Baskets

These sturdy, collapsible, useful baskets come in two sizes and a rainbow of colors!

Market Baskets Market Baskets

Melluish Designs

Pat and John Melluish live and work in the village of Pakenham, in Eastern Ontario where they have been creating well-made, stylish jewelry for over 40 years. Their earings and necklaces are handmade in their home workshop, using sterling silver and gold-filled wire, and are much sought-after because they are so safe for sensitive skin.

Melluish Designs Melluish Designs

Tara Pocket Jewelry

Our own Tara Pocket surprises and delights with her jewelry creations. We always have in our store a varied supply of her Swarovski crystal jewelry. She also enjoys custom-making specialty items when consulted.

Tara Pocket Jewelry Tara Pocket Jewelry

Silk Scarves

Violetta Velkovic, born in beautiful Croatia but long resident in Almonte, Ontario, turns silk scarves into vibrant, exotic works of art, that give great pleasure to those who wear them.

Silk Scarves Silk Scarves